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Knowing your prescription is only the beginning. Your eyes are sensitive organs, so when they’re irritated, dry, or uncomfortable, it’s usually a sensation you can’t ignore. Poorly fitting contact lenses can interrupt your day. It can also change how your contact lenses function, impacting your vision.

Contact lens fittings consider your comfort and your visual experience. Your eyes deserve better than “okay” lenses. Discuss your fit with our eye care team for better results.

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Finding the Right Fit

Like Cinderella’s slipper, your contact lenses shouldn’t fit just anyone. Your contact lenses should fit your eyes but also fit comfortably.

A contact lens exam can determine your prescription, but a fitting helps you use them to your satisfaction. We’ll measure the size and curvature of your eyes. If you have hard-to-fit eyes or eye conditions, we can discuss options that might work best for you. We’ll also consider your eye health and lifestyle to determine the best fit.

At your fitting, we will go over instructions on how to wear and care for your contact lenses. If it’s not your first time, we’ll still be happy to review and answer any questions about your lenses.

Contact Lenses Comparison

There are many contact lens types and each has advantages and disadvantages. All contact lenses can correct vision, but some are designed for comfort or vision therapy. For example, scleral lenses help manage keratoconus and ortho-k controls myopia control.

If you’re not satisfied with your contact lenses, there’s likely a solution. Although not all contact lenses are a fit for every eye, our eye care team can help you determine which is the best match for your vision and eye health.

Our Contact Lens Services

Contact our eye care team to learn more about our contact lens services. Whether you need to reassess your prescription, schedule a fitting, or browse brands, we can support you through your vision decision.

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